Scented Lamp Oil Indoor Outdoor Smokeless 1 litre YELLOW


Coloured unscented lamp oil. For use specifically with lamp and oil burners. Instructions for Use. Fill the lamp tank with 3/4 of oil. Re-close the bottle, and put it aside. Allow the oil to enter the wick. Fill only when the lamp is cold. When using inside, do not place an oil lamp in a draft or leave it unattended. This lighting oil is specifically for fiberglass wicks. The lamp must always be filled to a level 1/2 of up to 1/2 tank. Caution. Lamps filled with this liquid must remain out of the reach of children. Do not swallow, can cause irreparable pulmonary lesions. Keep children out of reach. Do not breathe vapor and avoid contact with skin. Do not empty into drains. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.
Product Code: 360-FAR-GLD

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